SEVENTH DIMENSIONAL BEINGs come in MANY forms. Some appear as swirling ribbons of rainbow-colored ENERGY. Others look like webs of beautiful radiant LIGHT. When these mystic, LIVING vortices project THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS into the THIRD or FOURTH DIMENSIONAL FORMS, they continue to swirl and WAVE. THEY swirl, however, NOT ONLY vertically LIKE MOTHER EARTH Vortices, BUT Horizontally, Diagonally and into the PAST and FUTURE. “Spinning” INTO TIME-SPACE allows for the retrieval of timeless INFORMATION.


In need of a word to describe the experience, Humans call THESE energies ANGELS. AT THIS LEVEL WE DO NOT LIVE ON PLANETS, Rather OUR atmosphere IS an intense FIELD of Colored ENERGY. ONE of OUR activities is to explore OTHER (LOWER) DIMENSIONS and CREATE holographic forms, WHERE NEEDED, for the Purpose of SERVICE to the Force of HER Evolution.

One thought on “7TH DIMENSION”

  1. I have in the past had dreams where I was gliding, flying, or jumping waaaaay high into the air… Then when I started attempting to control where I was gliding to, I started spinning in circles in place where ever I was. It was very strange and I would just go.. oook! Im sorry I’m spinning like a top while speaking! ( It always happened in front of someone else.) I havent had any other dreams such as these in several years now.

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