Reality is not real, Reality is an Illusion

Reality is not real, Reality is an Illusion

We rely on our human senses to gauge reality, but they’re extremely limited. Let’s analyze reality for a quick second. This reality that you see is the world as it is right here and now. It may seem that you are outside of it, and simply observing it. Yet this reality is not outside of you. It only exists in your mind, and you view it through your own unique lens, filtered by your senses, your memories, your mood, and by your thoughts.

The word reality; let’s spell it: R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. If you take the ‘I’ which is representative of the spirit, representative of the Creator, representative of ‘I’ am that which is indestructible that was just absolute, that which is permanent, that which doesn’t fade away. Remove the I and now reality becomes something called “Realty”. Realty is land or property to be owned. Let’s go a little deeper, a plane lands on the ground. So, land can be synonymously applied to the ground. The bottom of the ground is the foundation. but ground is solid, well now we got to analyze this. We know that everything in this realm or any realm are all we know — that anything that can be seen, touch, taste, smell, heard, or thought – these things are therefore considered an illusion; because they come and go, they are subjects of birth and death. Infinite I is not so.

What is ground? The ground is solid. Solid is also solidarity or solidity; that which is solid is hereby rendered an illusion. Think about this – an illusion is what not real. So from reality, when we remove the I, it becomes Realty. Realty becomes land, land becomes ground, ground becomes solid, solid becomes temporary — illusion, which is subject to birth and death. It’s really not real; therefore reality is really not real. From this new perspective, you see how your reality was an illusion. You wore many masks, playing the game, creating your life.

That’s why don’t we look for real, that’s why we don’t look for reality. Look for truth. In school they tell us on the paper true or false. This is something about the truth that beats real, it’s something about the truth that beats faith. The truth is always absolute and this absolute truth supersedes all realities, lands, grounds, aka temporary illusions.

You are energy. Everything is energy, vibrating at its unique frequency. Manifestation is simply a matter of matching the vibration of where you want to go and removing any resistance that stands in the way. Look to the abundance in nature to understand that there’s plenty to go around for all. Scarcity and fear are nothing but an illusion.

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