A GROUP SOUL is a collection of ENTITIES that WORK TOGETHER as ONE unit. Imagine that EVERY cell in your body is a conscious ENTITY.
There are liver, heart, brain and blood cell entities. EACH is unique and has a function, yet they are in ONE BODY. This is similar to the functioning of a Group Soul. In Actuality, Group Souls are EVEN MORE Integrated than the cells of our BODY. A finer example would be the drops of water in a ocean, communicating by sharing real-life holograms.
As a Group Soul we can channel into OTHER forms in other dimensions once we know and hold their specific vibration. Prayer and HEALING GROUPS are based on this Magick Interaction of Souls. The latest breakthroughs in inter DIMENSIONAL communications, known as SPIRIT SCIENCE, is a part of THIS CONSCIOUSNESS. And an entire rain forest could be the Vehicle (body) of a Group!

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