GREAT MOTHER manifests the “material” to create The Universes. WE call this material the ELEVENTH DIMENSION as 1 plus 1 are Combined…two distinct energies in fusion. THEY ARE EXACTLY EQUAL YET DIFFERENT… A partnership of the SACRED Geometry of 2 Star systems.
We can view a DIMENSION as an ENTITY, attributing Being-Like qualities to THEM to HELP US have some concept of HOW THEY function. ONE of these entities is PURE Yin in NATURE- The Great Yin and the other is PURE Yang the Great Yang. The Great Yin exists EVERYWHERE and always-as does the Great Yang…UNTIL GREAT MOTHER says … “Come Home” BOTH are OMni-Present with a thin membrane that separates the two. With-IN THEM is the Potential for the Co-Creation of ALL SPIRITS, FORMS and UNIVERSEs. From a Theological perspective, the Great Yin is GOD the MOTHER the CREATOR and the Great Yang is GOD the FATHER the CREATOR. And FROM a mainstream SCIENTIFIC point of VIEW it is the “BLACK HOLE..”
[NOTE: There is a mistake in today’s mainstream science that says “ENERGY and MATTER cant BE CREATED nor DESTROYED..” SHE lets US have these illusion delusions on the BE- LOWER DIMENSIONs BUT for THOSE who disagree I have a Question: Isnt it Idiotic to THINK and BELIEVE that “ENERGY cant be created nor destroyed” but yet We Still Are ALL CREATIONS CREATED by CREATORS which by DEFAULT makes our opposite available i.e. Destruction Destroyed Destroyers?? There IS TRUTH in the STATEMENT but lets DISTINGUISH.. THERE is HER OVERALL ENERGY ESSENCE that Is the THREAD of ALL and it cant be CREATED nor DESTROYED and then there are the Sub-Sequent energy essences that come from the OVERALL ENERGY ESSENCE [HER] THAT are CREATED and Destroyed by HER but even SHE KNOWS these are in essences Still pieces of HERSELF SHE is creating or destroying so SHE doesn’t display HER “Absolute Destruction” POWERs too much at ALL! Only few have seen THIS quality and Tremble at mere notion of it being done to THEM! EVEN YALDABAOTH KNOWS WHAT lines to NOT cross lol.. SHE a Str8 up Gangsta BITCH DONT tempt HER.. You think cousin KARMA a BITCH and daughter LIFE a BITCH?? YOU AIN’T SEEN SHIT…]

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