GREAT MOTHER and HER Parameters This Dimension IS a CONSCIOUS ENTITY – a Universe. It is NOT, however, a Universe of FORM. Numerologically, it is OUR “ANKH CODING” [1/0] [I/O] [⚊⏺ ] representing the Union of The SOMETHING and The NOTHING. THIS DIMENSION is like the Outer Shell of the Universe.
[Note: That which is known as “THE VOID” ENDS HERE! The Void is Dimensional back doorway that begins At 7th DIMENSION and Ends at the 9th DIMENSION exit points. Only the MOST Malevolent of the EVIL ONES can Mingle With-IN HER VOID. LOW frequency emission ends at the 6th DIMENSIONAL level Technically BUT Just as loopholes and backdoors exist in physical life, same thing going on in Aether.. And this back door is REALLY WHERE THE ENTITY YOU MAY KNOW as YALDABAOTH/ DEMIURGE RESIDES FULLY.. DEMIURGE IS ALSO HER “EX HUBBY” FIRST OF DIVINE MASCULINE WHO SIDED WITH THE AEONs When THEY decided to BE – COME a WITHOUT CHRIST Messiah Frequency accompaniment aka the “INFINITE LOVE ETERNAL TRUTH PEACE WAVE…”  WHEN THIS OCCURRED THE VOID BECAME HIS DWELLING AND ETERNAL PUNISHMENT BUT ALSO HIS OWN WORLD, THEY SEPARATED AT THE 14TH TRILLIONTH YEAR. AFTER THE SEPARATION, SHE DECIDED TO REMOVE HER GLORY FROM THE LOWER realms and 10th DIMENSION is WHERE SHE decided to let HER Glory Begin…
10th-12th DIMENSIONs Are known As the “Triple Black WOMB” or simply “THE REALM” or “The HOLY REALMs”…]
From an ELEVENTH DIMENSIONAL PERSPECTIVE, WE CAN see billions of these cosmic eggs blazing in the Nothingness of the Void. With-IN the shell are progressively smaller shells, each representing a DIMENSION. The HARD CENTER of MATTER is the THIRD DIMENSION.
TENTH DIMENSIONAL BEINGs are, in ESSENCE, the pure mixtures of the Great Yin and Yang. This is the Unified FIELD of HER CONSCIOUSNESS known as the HOLY SPIRIT.
Like “cosmic DNA” the Universe contains the entire blueprint of what is to unfold during its lifetime as you contain its Holographic duplicate within your PHYSICAL BODY. This DNA has both Magnetic and ACTIVE aspects. In its Magnetic State it is the DIVINE Plan…the WHAT WILL BE. Actively, it is the FORCE of EVOLution that propels the DIVINE Plan to completion. WE call the TENTH DIMENSIONAL awareness “Cosmic” or “CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.” A CHRIST BEING is projected into HUMAN FORM every 300 Yrs depending on the Need and Call… Called Solely by HER and Ordained by HER DIVINE MASCULINITY. The TENTH DIMENSION is the LIVING TRUTH and is the LIGHT that is With-IN EVERYTHING. It is where OUR SPIRIT comes into existence and can ONLY ENTER by GUIDANCE and under the Guardianship of the DIVINE MASCULINE principle.. From HERE WE can project OUR CONSCIOUSNESS
And ALWAYS… it is the Way back to HOME Base – OUR Galactic CONSCIOUSNESS and to “HER”aka 13…

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