WITHIN each Density there is a wide variety of DIMENSIONs..similar to radio frequencies where you have FREE-WILL to choose the station or rate of VIBRATION of your choice. This is NOT to imply that one density is BETTER than another.
This is easily understood if you look at WATER. Water exists in three states…water, ice and steam. The difference is the rate in which the molecules are MOVING. Ice is water slowed DOWN and steam is water sped up And you DO NOT JUDGE steam to be any better than ice. They are simply DIFFERENT States that water can assume.
DIMENSIONs are just DIFFERENT States of BEING Interconnected thru the Holographic Light Grid Pulsating..Waving wondrous movements of Sound, Color and Form…
Breathing in and out in the constant State of CREATION…
It is helpful to have a picture of the Creative Universe and its Cosmic Structure…
For Seekers of Truth – the more expanded and stable the model – the clearer it Gets!
AND THEN YOU BEGIN TO AWAKEN…YOU RE-MEMBER! Science offers FACTUAL cosmologies that can be proven only by the five human Senses.. Religions and cultures develop their own myths to fit limited beliefs and present Need.. I WILL BE Presenting the Extraterrestrial Model…Your Starseed Heritage
Perhaps you will open to a Higher Understanding Of the Source…Creation…Duality…Other-Dimensional Beings within a Galactic Context As you travel – remember – the less dense the Dimension – the greater the inherent Paradoxes!
Enjoy your soul-awakening!

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